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Game Station/Store Hours: 

Monday, 12 - 8pm,           Tuesday, 12 - 8pm

Wed, 12 - 8pm,       Thurs, 12 - 8pm,       Friday, 12 - 11pm 

Saturday, 11am - 8pm,          Sunday, 10am - 5pm


Store Address 
Other Worlds Games & Comics 
6350 SW Capitol Hwy 
Portland, OR  97239 

2014 'Summer of Gaming' Camps!

This Summer of 2014, Other Worlds Games will host a series of weekly gaming camps. These will be for kids wanting to learn Magic: the Gathering and/or Dungeons & Dragons. The timing couldn't be better for both games! July will have the release of both the next 'Core' Magic set, M2015, and later in the month, the release of the MUCH anticipated new, 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D),  "Tyranny of Dragons"!

For the 'Magic' part of the camp:  This is for young wizards, boys AND girls, age 10 to 14*, wishing to either learn how to play or to improve their playing skills and deck building. Good attention spans and solid, age-appropriate reading and math skills are necessary. 
Mon - Fri, 10am - 2pm
For the D&D part of camp: 

Boys & Girls, Ages 10 - 14*, Introduction to Role Playing Games, generating fantasy characters, and learning to adventure together as part of a group. This is for brand new players and intermediate level players. Mon - Fri, 2:30pm - 6pm.


* Younger than ten with approval.  


Week 1,  June 23 - 27 
Week 2,  June 30 - July 3rd (Thursday) 
Week 3,  July 7 - 11 
Week 4,  July 14 - 18 
Week 5,  July 21 - 25 
Week 6,  July 28 - August 1st
Week 7,  August 4 - 8 
Week 8,  Aug 11 - 15 
Week 9,  Aug 18 - 22 
Week 10,  Aug 25 - 29


Daily Rate:
$25*  (Magic only)
$20**  (D&D only)
$39  Combined (8 hrs supervision!)


Weekly Rate:
$109 (Magic Only)
$89 (D&D only)
$174 (Combined,  $24 savings!)
We also have a 10% Sibling Discount!  

* Includes 2 Magic booster packs/day, promo cards 
** Includes one set of D&D dice per player/per week. Does NOT include any D&D books or supplements. Character sheets, pencils and note paper will be provided.  Players are encouraged to bring their own PLAYER'S HANDBOOKS and to SHARE with other campers if needed.

Next Event:
SATURDAY, May 24th,  
11am - 6pm

 2,000 pts  -  Book missions, Official Codex's only. No escalation, Stronghold Assault, or Data Slates. 
Three, 2-hour rounds.

$12 ADVANCE or $15 entry fee at the door.
ALL entry goes towards prizes!! 

Our Game Station...

Every once in a while, a shuttle arrives from a nearby free-trader, starship or a distant star system. Most of the time they drop off their otherworldly goods at our reputable space dock for us to buy or trade, the usual routine.

Sometimes, they bring uninvited 'guests' who partake in our many 'games of chance'. On occasion, these 'guests' have been known to take on passengers (some not so willing) back to their ship.

Regardless, we don't ask questions and they don't give us problems. They're mostly here for the games and the fizzy drinks. If you see one during your visit, pleeeze don't meddle in their affairs. (Twitch!) It upsets relations with the Galaxy Trade Federation. Just enjoy the merch. and the view. And by the way, check your blasters at the door. 

Quick Links

Join us each week for some deckslingin mayhem, MODERN-style!  

Start: 6:30pm.  

Weekly on Mondays.

Entry: $5

Join us each Tuesday for some 'Standard' format deckslingin! 
  • Prizes in STORE CREDIT. Amount depends on number of players. Credit can be rolled over to following weeks. Good for merch purchases only. 
  • Start: 6:30pm, weekly on Tuesdays.
  • Entry: $5 

 MAGIC: Commander Nights!

Wednesdays & Saturdays, 4pm - 8pm


Not sure what to get for your gamer/comic fan? Other Worlds Games offers GIFT CARDS in ANY amount you choose!
~ ~ ~ NEW! ~ ~ ~
Frequent  Player  Card!
Play in 8 Modern, Standard or FNM magic events, and your 9th one is on us!  Our way of saying "Thanks" for playing at Other Worlds Games!
News From Other Worlds   Vol. 5.2        May, 2014
Greetings Gamers, Friends & Neighbors!

Welcome to our newest installment of

Thanks to ALL who came out for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! What a wonderful day it was here at Other Worlds Games and at other comic shops around town and around the country. Early results are that it was the best-attended FCBD ever!

This Issue:
  • Other Worlds NEW ONLINE store!
  • Wilson HS 'Magic' League starts today!
  • Warhammer 40K APOCALYPSE  
  • Summer Magic/D&D Camp

You asked, we delivered.  Check our selection often, as more products will be loaded daily. We will also offer coupons, comics, board games and more!
Check us out at our

new store!

Wilson High School  
'Magic' League
5/8 thru 6/20 
Weekdays, 3pm - 6pm

TOP 3 Winners split a box of the upcoming core set, M2015!

Beginning Thursday, May 8th, and going through Friday, June 20th, Other Worlds Games will host an exclusive Magic: the Gathering League just for Wilson high School students!  


A one-time fee to enter the League is $5.oo per player.


League games must be played in the store, Mon thru Friday, 3pm - 6pm only!  Other League rules available at the store.


Earning Points

  • Single Game Win = 5 points
  • Draw = 2 pts
  • Loss = 1pt
  • Game Conceded = Zero pts

ACHIEVEMENTS - BONUS POINTS                                

+5                  Win with a 5-color deck

+4                  Win with a Landless Deck

+2                  Win with an Enchantment-only Deck

+2                  Win with an Artifact-Only Deck (no lands)

+2                  Win with a creature-less deck

+2                  Win by mill or decking

+2                  Win with a colorless deck

+2                  Win with Pauper deck (no uncommons or rares)

+2                  For 'Each Opponent' defeated in any multi-player game 

+2                  Do the last point of damage to win the game with Extort

+2                  Hit for 100 or greater damage in one turn  

+2                  Achieve 100 or greater life points

+2                  Hard cast Emrakul!

+2           Hard cast Progenitus

+3            Control 3 different Planeswalkers at one time

+3             Control 1 Million Creatures at one time


Weekend Events
May 9thndg - 10thndg

Friday Night Magic Booster Draft!   Start:  7pm.   x3 Journey Into Nyx (only time!)   Monthly FNM promo card for top finishers: "TORMENTED HERO".  Entry:  $15.



- Remember to bring in your FREQUENT FNM PLAYER REWARDS card.



Sunday Booster Draft!  1pm,
Magic draft with x1 Theros/x1 BotG/x1 NYX!   $12 Entry

Next event, Sunday, June the 8thndg!
Start: 1pm. 

Entry is the price of one Attack Wing booster or $8ndgg.

Prize Kit TBD.